September 9, 2023

Sponsor Overview

How-to videos at the speed of development.

No need for production skills or editing software.

Make videos fast without having to learn editing tools. If you can write a script and click through your software via browser page, you can make a video.

Quick updates without starting from scratch. For smaller software updates you might not even have to update the script. Just re-render the video and Videate will automatically generate the video using the updated software. Larger updates just need a script change and then you can re-render.

Localize videos across all the regions you cover. Videate’s text to speech, language, and dialect capabilities enable you to generate videos for customers in their own language no matter where they’re from. 

Sponsor Highlights

Are your SaaS training videos constantly out of date?

SaaS moves quickly. Manual video production can’t keep up!

Even companies with best-in-class video production teams struggle to maintain their content libraries in the face of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery. 

Almost as soon as a video is published, it’s out of date. And if you’re creating videos manually, that means you have to start over from the beginning. Every. Single. Time.

There’s a better way of doing things. Enter: Videate’s AI and Automation.

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