Our Mission

We Customer Educators are a rare bunch.  We’re not quite Instructional Designers, not quite Trainers. We’re part Customer Success, part Marketing. We are Heroes who have to do a little bit of everything, and often you have no idea where to begin

When we started in Customer Education, there weren’t many people to turn to and few places to go for advice. Whether you’re trying to start a Customer Education team, break into the industry, or just need to find your people… our podcast (and website) is dedicated to “finding the others” … your peers, mentors, and those (like us) with a passion for helping others learn things for which there’s often no material at all, and deliver with grace.

Our Team

We are a two-person team of passionate Customer Education professionals!

Adam Avramescu

Adam builds Customer Education programs for high-growth companies. He is the author of Customer Education: Why Smart Companies Profit by Making Customers Smarter.

He is currently the Director of Enterprise Customer Education at Slack. Previously he was Head of Customer Education & Training for Checkr, and Director of Customer Education at Optimizely. Adam believes that Customer Education is the scale engine of Customer Success, and his mission is to help companies unlock customer retention and loyalty through effective education programs.

Adam founded the Bay Area Customer Education Meetup, and welcomes you to join and learn from other customer educators and enablement professionals.

He is also a competitive karaoke champion (but not because of any singing ability) and plays keyboard and horns.

Dave Derington

Dave is the Director of Customer Education at ServiceRocket, working to build the first ever Customer Education as a Service program. Over the past decade he has built scalable Customer Education programs for two exited start-ups (Gainsight and Azuqua) and the unicorn Sales Engagement firm, Outreach.  Part Investigative Journalist, part Teacher, and part Computer Geek, Dave loves to make complex technology easy by learning things the hard way, organizing it, and sharing that knowledge to everyone who needs it in a fun and relatable way.

Dave’s career has spanned many industries.  He has been a Laboratory Chemist, a Professor, a Web Developer, a Project Manager, a Business Analyst, and more. Dave’s hobbies have led him to start his own company, play sax in a Blues Band, and even create an art installation at Laumeier Sculpture Park.

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/derington

Twitter: @davederington