We present the following Customer Education Manifesto as training, enablement, and customer success professionals who have united to build the future of the Customer Education discipline.

Photo by Kun Fotografi from Pexels

We believe that learning a new product is like taking a journey into parts unknown;
Fundamentally, customers don’t succeed if they don’t learn.

We are united in making our customers wildly successful:
Enabling them to find value earlier, and realize more value over time;
Anticipating and removing the roadblocks along their path;
By building educational programs that scale.

We believe that modern Customer Education professionals must:

  • Guide customers to value, versus educating them on every feature
  • Build a core program that scales, versus customizing every time
  • Lead with data tied to business outcomes, versus measuring our activity
  • Use agile practices to ship solutions quickly, versus perfecting our content
  • Design experiences we’d actually want to learn from, versus building safe, dry learning
  • Serve busy customers in their moment of need, versus making them do the work

And with these six principles, we believe Customer Education becomes the Scale Engine that powers our customers’ ongoing success.

If you agree and would like to sign the Customer Education Manifesto, please use the form below. We’ve also written a longer companion piece that adds more detail.

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