Sponsor Overview “Inform, educate, and train the simple way.” TechSmith is a trusted vendor that we as Customer Education Professionals depend upon to boost productivity, customer happiness, and educational outcomes with better, clearer communications and easy…

Docebo is redefining the way enterprises leverage technology to create and manage content, deliver training, and measure the business impact of their learning programs. With Docebo’s end-to-end learning platform, organizations worldwide are equipped to deliver scaled, personalized learning across all their audiences and use cases, driving growth and powering their business.

Thought Industries platform is a powerful solution for a broad enterprise audience, and the addition of a developer-centric, headless architecture and software framework, along with low-code/ no-code integrations allows for ultimate customization and freedom where it’s needed.

Northpass is The Learning Platform for Customer Education. Discover the LMS that enables you to scale customer training and education, and give your customers the on-demand learning experiences they expect.