Thought Industries

September 9, 2023

Sponsor Overview

In a world where digital solutions need to keep pace with an agile business environment, and time-to-value is everything — enterprise learning teams risk falling behind. Whether training is your business, or you’re training customers or partners how to use a complex product, choosing the right external learning platform is a pivotal decision that sets a ceiling for how training will stimulate business growth. The core Thought Industries platform is a powerful solution for a broad enterprise audience, and the addition of a developer-centric, headless architecture and software framework, along with low-code/ no-code integrations allows for ultimate customization and freedom where it’s needed.

Sponsor Highlights

Many enterprise learning businesses are struggling to maintain a competitive advantage, grappling with the rapid pace of digital transformation, or experiencing roadblocks when scaling their programs on legacy or home-grown technologies. And, if you’re lacking effective technology, or you’re window shopping in the wrong places — this can look like: Lack of customization, multi-channel demands, lack of eCommerce functionality, technical debt, endless operational pressures, and much more. Thought Industries is uniquely positioned to provide an extensible software platform that is architected for modern learning, delivering results with 5 pillars of value:

  1. Learner Experience: Learner engagement is becoming more important than ever. While competitors might box you in with pre-defined templates, Thought Industries gives you complete freedom to bring your design vision to life. 
  2. Monetization & Profitability: Accommodating new business models and driving expansion means managing multiple currencies and taxation requirements, and providing many packaging options. Thought Industries seamlessly integrates with existing eCommerce systems, and also houses the most advanced eCommerce capabilities available to suit a wide range of learners. 
  3. Scale & Reliability: In order to activate growth and serve unlimited users, enterprises need quick time-to-value, security and compliance, and endless flexibility to adapt over time. Thought Industries empowers technical teams, supports a huge volume of learners, and delivers powerful security capabilities all at once.
  4. Extensibility & Integrations: As many learning professionals know, learning technology is an ecosystem, not a monolith. Thought Industries allows you to build without limits through access to seamless integrations and our development partners. 
  5. Operational Efficiencies: Consider the cost analysis of your learning program, and how to lay a true foundation for growth and scale. Which processes can be streamlined, automated, or optimized? The Thought Industries platform is designed to solve these issues for sophisticated, complex learning programs, migrating relevant data into a centralized dashboard.
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