Two of the key activities in the life of a Customer Education professional are crucial skills to have: Collaboration with Product Teams and getting their buy-in.

In this episode we welcome Jesse Evans, Director of Customer Education at Honeybook – and Box and Meta alum. This is an action packed episode where we’ll dive into all things Product and learn how to engage, collaborate, and develop your relationship with Product and Product Marketing to make a difference.

  • Collaborating with product teams for customer education
  • Product development and adoption challenges in SaaS organizations
  • Overcoming objections and misconceptions in product development
  • Customer education and product adoption
  • Using marketing campaigns to boost product adoption
  • Product education and in-app tours for enterprise software
  • In-app education and collaboration between customer education and product teams.
  • Product and education collaboration.
  • Product release process and collaboration between education and product teams.
  • Product education and its impact on customer success.
  • Demonstrating value to product teams through customer insights.
  • Customer education within product teams.

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