“If you just focus on educating your customers, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity!” says Mark Kilens, Co-Founder of HubSpot Academy and Drift, and now CEO and Co-founder of TACK ⛵️ & ClubPF.

In previous episodes, we’ve shared how leaders in the industry see education as the core of our programming. Here, Mark shares a human-first perspective on how education should be a fundamental pillar of your GTM Strategy. Why? The importance of integrating education into marketing strategies is crucial for businesses to build trust and loyalty with their customers.

Tune in to as we discuss:

  • Customer education and its broader definition beyond just training current customers.
  • Founding and expanding HubSpot Academy, a driver of category creation.
  • Tying customer education to business outcomes through partnerships and authentic storytelling.
  • Shifting go-to-market strategies to prioritize people over software, channels, and algorithms.
  • Creating helpful content for customers through storytelling and relationship-building.
  • Using education to fuel business growth, with a focus on customer experience.
  • Creating people-led growth through content and education.
  • Marketing and sales strategies, focusing on the “people first” approach.

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