On October 6th, we presented – live – at Thought Industries’ COGNITION 2020. This was a great event with many leaders from our Customer Education category.

In this recording we unveil our Customer Education Manifesto. This is composed of six guiding principles that we believe can help Customer Success organizations strategically accelerate account and user growth. 

Most Customer Success organizations know, or soon discover, that acquiring customers is hard. But retaining those hard-won customers is even harder. Did you effectively onboard?If not, that translates to churn. Do you help your customers realize value? Again … that causes churn. Are you retaining and expanding your accounts? That churn can be slow and even more painful.

Just how many thousands, if not millions of dollars has your company spent to acquire customers and drive adoption? Surely, you’re focused on customer marketing and drip campaigns. You may have thrown a flotilla of CSMs at the problem, requiring them to perform ad-hoc trainings.

The simple, uncomfortable truth is this: Your customers don’t succeed if they don’t learn.

Listen in as we share the new face of Customer Education. We help growing XaaS businesses to change customer behaviors, reduce barriers to value, and improve the way people work.

Haven’t yet seen the Customer Education Manifesto? Check it out here!

Missed COGNITION 2020? The event is still online in on-demand form. For a quick recap, check out Episode 49 where we cover -in detail – the top events from 2020! If you’re a veteran or new Customer Education Professional, you’ll want to mark your calendars for 2021! We hope next year brings a return to in-person conferences and hope to see you there.

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