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In Episode 66 of the CELab Podcast we discussed Best Practices for keeping your Customer Education content up-to-date despite the rapid-pace of change that we experience in Software-as-a-Service businesses.  

But what happens when you also have a highly-configurable product?  

Charlie writes:

I have been tasked with creating a customer education program at our software company. I am devouring your book and podcast episodes. I am trying to create a strategy for implementation based on your guidelines, but the sticking point I keep getting stuck on is that our software is configured for each customer. We have many functions that are fairly standard, but every implementation looks and acts a bit different. I know that I can create education material for more advanced topics that our customers would consume without any customization, but our basic user training is the main thing we are trying to standardize, and I am struggling to determine the best way forward. Thanks for your brains!

The hypothesis we’ll challenge today is:  We are able to create content at scale that meets the needs of most customers without any customization.

Thank you Charlie for your submission and if you have a question, use this form to send one in for us to consider and answer on the show!

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