In CELab’s 100th episode, we’ve kicked off the celebration of 100 episodes by discussing the hardest-won lessons for Customer Education Leaders. Dave and Adam have both held several roles on their journeys as customer education leaders, and they are continuing to look back at their journey to dissect mistakes they made and what they learned from them.

In Part 2, we pick up the thread by being vulnerable and really diving into the challenges that we’ve felt over the years. And as with Part 1, we feature a number of you listeners including Phil Byrne, Mike Di Gregorio, Lisa Rothrauff, and Melissa VanPelt. What advice do we have to our past selves? Some topics include …

  • Going down the rabbit hole of training
  • Advice to other leaders
  • How to deal with stress and overwhelm
  • Outreach and the importance of sharing your story
  • Putting yourself on the shelf and sticking to fundamentals
  • The importance of consistency
  • Learn some management techniques
  • Our favorite episodes of the podcast

Remember, “Finding the Others” is our goal. If you want to connect with us to share your experiences in this growing Community of Practice for Customer Education, please use our contact us form. We love to hear from you! Thanks to all of you for continuing to support CELab.

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