We are big fans of TechSmith and its products – and TechSmith is a fantastic supporter of the Customer Education community! Today we welcome Matt Pierce and Troy Stein from TechSmith to the show to discuss what’s happening at the company and an exciting (experimental) topic: Project Based Learning (PBL). 

You’ll hear Matt and Troy discuss the transformative power of project-based learning and customer education. They delve into TechSmith’s tools like SnagIt and Camtasia that enable individuals to create and share powerful visual messages. The episode explores how technology and creativity intersect to drive project-based learning, the concept of multimodal learning, and the impact of AI and machine learning on customer education. Mat and Troy share insights on TechSmith’s Academy platform that is revolutionizing video production learning and the potential of project-based learning to foster innovation in customer education. Enjoy!

About the Show

CELab is the Customer Education Lab for Innovative Customer Success, Enablement, and Marketing Teams. Our mission is to explore how to build Customer Education programs, experiment with new approaches, and exterminate the myths and bad advice that stop growth dead in its tracks.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Intro and backgrounds
  • Tools like Snagit and Camtasia for creating and sharing powerful messages
  • National Camera Day, World Industrial Design Day, and Bomb Pop Day
  • The intersection of creativity and technology in project-based learning discussed
  • Audiate, a tool by TechSmith
  • AI and machine learning’s impact on customer education
  • TechSmith’s Academy platform for video production learning
  • Project-based learning
  • Affordability and ease of use in tools for customer education
  • Multimodal learning combining audio, video, and text
  • Combining video and text on a single page for SEO
  • How project-based learning enhances software understanding and engagement
  • Customer education and experiential learning
  • Embracing innovation in customer education
  • Appreciation of C-Lab listeners and the importance of educating, experimenting, and finding one’s people
  • And – please – if you’ve found value in this podcast, share with your friends, peers, and network to help us “Find the Others”!


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