In October we attended Skilljar Connect 2020 and hosted a Live Mailbag episode at the event!  Attendees submitted really amazing questions.  We couldn’t tackle them all – so stay tuned for yet another Mailbag episode soon!

In this episode we’ll answer some questions that may be on your mind too including:

  • What advice do you have for those that are working with one other employee, or manage a very small team, on how to take the next step and grow their impact, have more employees, and ultimately get their own CE department?
  • What’s the ideal “mixture” of video lessons and text lessons in an online course? Mostly video? Both to keep students engaged?
  • How can we tie training attendance to product usage and product adoption? Any best practices on how to measure this so we know training is working and can continue to invest in the right methods of training?
  • How do you approach the strategy and plan for mass documentation and training updates when the product visually changes, especially for small teams? What are common pitfalls or things to watch out for?

Listen in as we’ll share the insight we’ve gleaned from direct experience and from others in our network!  Remember – Customer Education is both new and not new.  CELab is committed to learning and sharing the best practices for Customer Education and your questions are invaluable.  

Thanks to Randon, Norma, Corinne, and Laura for the amazing questions. And a big thanks to Skilljar for inviting us to this amazing conference. A recap episode is coming soon!

If you have a question or things you want to share please feel free to contact us with your ideas. Also, if you want to hear more from us – sign our mailing list and our brand new Customer Education Manifesto!

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