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Does Onboarding Matter?  That’s what Donna Weber, veteran Customer Education professional and President of Springboard Solutions firmly asserts in her new book, Onboarding Matters! She says: “Onboarding is the most important part of the customer journey, yet many B2B companies fail to act proactively at the start of the relationship.”

In her book, she outlines the reasons why onboarding is a crucial motion for B2B companies, especially those who experience churn or attrition later in their customer lifecycles. Improper onboarding contributes to low adoption, low satisfaction, and ultimately unhealthy business.

Her model, the Orchestrated Onboarding framework, walks through six steps: Embark, Handoff, Kickoff, Adopt, Review, and Expand. These walk through the customer journey starting at pre-sales, through the crucial onboarding transition, into healthy ongoing customer relationships.

In this episode we have a deep and candid discussion about the challenges posed to rapidly growing SaaS businesses.  Do we play the hero and master every instrument ourselves?  Of course not!  In an orchestral setting we all quite literally have a part to play.  Customer facing teams must collaborate and break down silos to harmonize their efforts to help build happy, engaged customers.  This is where Customer Education has a part to play as the scale engine of Customer Success.

We focus on key themes from her book and experience, including why onboarding is increasingly important for SaaS companies and Customer Success teams, how to deal with siloed teams, how to build bridges between Sales and Customer Success, and how Customer Education allows Customer Success teams to scale.

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