While Customer Education has been around for many years, we at CELab attribute it’s re-emergence to the Customer Success movement. And with that, we invite special guest Nick Mehta – CEO of Gainsight – to the stage!

In this episode we take a macro perspective on Customer Success today – where it’s at and where it’s headed – and question the role that Customer Education plays. Companies today grow much faster, and this conversation takes a direct look at how Customer Education is at the core of Customer Success. In short, if you’re not putting Customer Education and Enablement programs in place early – then your “Crossing the Chasm” experience will be much more challenging.

Join us as we talk about:

  • The growth curve of Hypergrowth B2B SaaS
  • How Community, Documentation, Education, and Enablement factor in to support that growth
  • What are the 4 key areas for Education in SaaS to address going forward

And who knows, we may even talk about TikTok!

Thanks to Nick and the Gainsight team. This is a foundational episode you surely don’t want to miss!

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