(This episode is sponsored by WorkRamp)

As WorkRamp says on their website, “Learning is a Growth Engine” for your business. At CELab, we talk about scale and growth tirelessly and how crucial it is for your customer’s ultimate success.

In this episode we are joined by WorkRamp’s Stephanie Middaugh, the Director of Enablement to talk about the challenges that make learning – both internally and externally – difficult. Per Stephanie:

“If I’m training my support team that needs to support my customers, why am I not giving them the exact same training as my customers? Or vice versa? Why am I not giving my customers the exact same training as my support team? […] Now you really have this hub of all of this great knowledge and training that you can share with anybody internally or you could potentially share it with other people externally if you needed to, as well.”

Bridging the gap between teams, such as Sales Enablement and Customer Education, is vital to your success. Scale demands collaboration and efficiency, and WorkRamp’s All-in-One Learning Platform can help scale learning and sharing of knowledge across your organization. We spoke back in January 2021 in Episode 53 with CEO Ted Blosser about consolidation of learning strategies. Now we expand upon that discussion by reaching across the aisle to understand better how Enablement and Education can be the “peanut butter and jelly” of your org, and how WorkRamp can help you make that happen!

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