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Customer Education teams must remain adaptable in times of change. After all, we support ever-changing products for diverse audiences, and we drive ever-changing business strategies. In this episode, Lisa Rothrauff, Director of Customer Education at Amplitude, walks us through how she builds and develops teams to balance different skill sets and remain resilient and adaptable through changes in business strategy, skill requirements, and economic landscapes. She talks about the balance between “constant skills” and “fluid skills” in hiring and developing team members’ careers and gives advice on building high-performing teams who thrive in ambiguity.

In this episode we discuss …

  • Importance of product telemetry
  • What is it that you need from your team?
  • How to design for how people learn
  • Hire for attributes or potential over experience
  • Hiring a generalist or a specialist
  • Differences between theory and practice instructional designers
  • The value of contextual awareness and curiosity in content design
  • Creating a specific type of experience that supports instructional goals
  • How to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Personal operating manuals and team agreements
  • The value of learning from your team

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