As technology evolves at lightning speed, how can we keep up with educating our customers? We pose this question to the legendary Geoffrey A. Moore, author of the iconic book “Crossing the Chasm“. Geoff argues that while technology outpaces traditional education methods, the core customer problems remain the same.

In this episode we’ll discuss Geoff’s perspective for understanding different customer segments and adapting education approaches. We’ll also get his take on balancing product knowledge with true customer empathy.

“Education starts with the student, not with the teacher. You’re trying to change the behavior of the student, not trying to execute your own agenda.”

Geoffrey Moore – 8:45

And what about AI? Will it be our savior or our downfall in education? Stick around for the whole discussion – you don’t want to miss his sage advice on connecting educators with executives to maximize impact.

Make sure check out Geoff’s books including Crossing the Chasm and Zone to Win.

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