Customer Education is evolving rapidly. We’ve come a long way from the days of “smile sheets” and attendance metrics being our guide to success. Gainsight, is one such innovative business that’s showing how education data and usage data connect so we can measure its impact on business outcomes.

Lila Meyer shares her journey at Gainsight, from early roles when the organization was new to her current position leading the Education Services team. We cover a lot of ground including the importance of developing transferable skills and collaboration within the customer education community.

Key points:

  • Traditionally, customer education programs focused on vanity metrics like course completion rates.
  • Gainsight is now connecting education data (LMS) with user data (telemetry) and customer data (CRM) to demonstrate the ROI of education programs.
  • This allows them to see how training impacts product usage, retention, and customer health.
  • This data is valuable for internal teams like sales and customer success, who can use it to demonstrate the value of education services to clients.
  • This approach represents a significant shift in the way customer education is measured and valued within organizations.

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