How do you get from 6th grade science to a role leading Customer Education at Notion? It’s a great story that’s behind the evolution of customer education at Notion, where our guest – Zoe Ludwig – focused on bridging the gap between product adoption and user success. From emphasizing the importance of understanding the audience’s needs – to codifying knowledge to create a single source of truth for users check out this episode with so many topics including:

  • Transitioning from teaching to customer education leader at Notion.
  • Customer education strategies for a consumer-grade product.
  • Product education and user adoption strategies for a digital note-taking tool.
  • Using education content to drive marketing goals
  • Infusing education with storytelling and brand elements to make Notion content engaging
  • Creating high-quality content for Notion, including visuals, guidelines, and community partnership for new feature launches
  • Leveraging user-generated content in Notion’s education programs
  • Using education to drive product usage and measuring ROI through experimentation
  • Product education and experimentation with different content formats
  • Using AI for content development, including generating bullet points, expanding on ideas, and rewriting in a specific tone.
  • Using Notion for content development workflows.

Here’s a link to the Education Template mentioned in the episode!

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