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In Adam Avramescu’s book, “Customer Education – Why Smart Companies Profit by Making Customers Smarter”, he first introduces that, “Customer Education is your scale engine for Customer Success” (p 11).  This concept – the Scale Engine – is novel in that it channels the fundamental challenge of many rapidly growing Software-as-a-Service businesses:  All your processes need to scale as the business grows.  That includes how you educate your customers!

Dave speaks here on some of his early experiences in the field of Customer Education where he was embedded at Gainsight, building foundational programs.  We as a community realize that all growing businesses reach an inflection point where it’s time to build efficiencies into your Customer Success function.  

Many Customer Success leaders may know, but may not quite know what to do when all that 1:1 customer training your CSMs do begins to really drain your team’s time and energy.  This is where a Customer Education program is your best approach to support your customer success growth — not hold it back. In this episode we’ll talk about what successful, scaleable Customer Success looks like from the perspective an education program, the role Customer Education plays in customer success, and how Customer Education can scale CS by “building a flywheel of information and getting that to the customer when they need it”.  

Many thanks to Cutler Bleeker and Amy Davidson (and the great folks at Skilljar) for the invitation to this great webinar!  For the full video version, please visit Skilljar’s website here.

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