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A key part of CELab’s role in the Customer Education Community is to keep you updated on the research and reports coming out of the Customer Education world, especially when they address the state of our industry. This episode covers two great reports: TSIA’s 2021 State of Education Services and Thought Industries’ 2021 State of Customer Education.

We like these reports because they come at the research from different angles, whether it’s a third party like TSIA, the Technology Services Industry Association, coming at things from a more independent perspective, or a Customer Education company like Thought Industries who can combine third-party reporting with their own customers’ trends.

So let’s dive into the reports and see what trends we can find. We also recommend that you download these reports yourself and follow along.

The TSIA report is available at in the resources section, and the Thought Industries report is available at in their ebooks and reports section.

For those interested in other trend reports from 2020, check out the links below:

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