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Who should I hire for my customer education team?

This isn’t a new question. In fact, we first covered this topic on the show – if you can believe it – nearly three years ago! But there’s been new research in this area, and the market has changed quite a bit in that time. We’re seeing more new customer education teams form than ever before, and the people hiring for those roles are all asking who they should hire.

In this episode, we go back to our scientific roots to test the hypothesis: “Early Customer Education teams should hire generalists who can handle responsibilities including training, instructional design, and content development.”

We answered this through a LinkedIn poll and review what’s changed in our own experiences even within the last few years.

Then we turn our discussion over to Dr. Julia Huprich, Intellum’s VP of Learning Science at and head of the popular Learning Science Weekly publication. Her research focused on Customer Education roles and the competencies needed to be successful in them, which is a first for our field and we’ll dive in to share her findings!

And finally we round out our discussion to discuss a recent article from Brian Childs and Tyler Foster at  They recently wrote an article taking a more prescriptive view of who your first Customer Education hire should be.

This is your go-to episode for hiring Customer Education teams in 2021.  Enjoy!

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