What is a Mutant Learner?  In this episode of the CELab podcast, we welcome #1 International Best Selling Author Treion Muller to the show to talk about his recent book, “The Rise of the Mutant Learner”. At the core of his book may be some deeply valuable approaches to the challenge posed to all of us as Customer Education leaders.  Specifically, how to learn and lead effectively in the digital age.

You’ll hear about the evolution of education, the rise of mutant learning, and the role of AI in this evolution. Muller shares his experience of breaking free from corporate learning silos and leading digital transformation in education. The discussion includes insights on the importance of agile thinking, customer education, and embracing diverse learning styles. Muller also introduces his new venture, Spark, designed to empower individuals to share their unique stories and ideas.

About the Show

CELab is the Customer Education Lab for Innovative Customer Success, Enablement, and Marketing Teams. Our mission is to explore how to build Customer Education programs, experiment with new approaches, and exterminate the myths and bad advice that stop growth dead in its tracks.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • National Hot Dog Day and Cellphone Courtesy Month
  • Treion’s journey from corporate learning to education
  • The siloing phenomenon and its limitations on business growth
  • Gainsight acquisition of an LMS platform
  • The importance of customer education in breaking free from silos
  • Stephen Covey’s Franklin Covey work
  • A shift towards digital training and AI
  • Agile thinking, iterative processes, and ‘mutant learning’
  • Treion’s new venture, Spark, aimed at empowering individuals
  • The necessity of having experts in the field
  • Comparing products and tools in the tech stack
  • Automaticity and its impact on learning
  • TV, media, AI, machine learning
  • Treion introduces his book, The Rise of the Mutant Learner
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