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Customer Education is an increasingly important tool in a Software Exec’s toolkit. As programs grow and mature, we sometimes have a “seat at the table”. Wise B2B SaaS Execs will ask you questions such as, “What’s the ROI of your program?”  Are you prepared to answer?

In this episode, we talk shop with Jasonda Desmond. ROI – Return on Investment – simply means that our programs have business impact.  Just what does that actually mean in the context of Education in SaaS businesses?  Well, Jasonda will help to translate the language of educators (Kirkpatrick Model) to the impact it has on business. We’ll talk about metrics such as “Time to First Value”, Product Adoption, (Support) Ticket Deflection and much more.

>> Episode Note: Please note that this episode was recorded on June 3rd, 2022 as a part of a live episode of Working Out Loud. <<

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