1997 Customer Education by DALL-E

And finally … our “book club” discussion on Peter Honebein‘s book, “Strategies for Effective Customer Education“. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 and Part 2, check those episodes out now. We finish up this series with

  • User-centered design and multi-faceted team
  • The importance of customer education and compliance
  • Product training for professionals and users
  • Is customer education expected to be free?
  • Strategic thinking is really important
  • How to promote your training programs
  • Measuring the different levels of customer education
  • Why certification and credentialing is important?
  • How to formalize customer education
  • What’s different about customer education today?

At the end of this journey, we feel more connected to our successors and have a better understanding that what we do as Customer Education Leaders and Practitioners. Let’s work together to make this field a crucial part of any organization.

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