This is an episode you won’t want to miss – the future is now!  Customer Education has a seat at the table and a critical impact on business. In this episode, we talk with Nick Mehta – CEO of Gainsight, and Steve Cornwell, CEO of Northpass about the recent acquisition of the Northpass platform into the Gainsight family. We talk about Digital Customer Education as well as Digital Customer Success and build upon last year’s CELab podcast with Nick Mehta called “Customer Education and Enablement is the Core of Customer Success” Join us for this incredible discussion!

You’ll hear Nick, Steve, and Dave delve into the intersections of customer education, success, and communities, the role of digital customer success for scaling businesses, and the potential of blended online communities for enhancing customer relationships. The discussion also highlights the importance of integrating customer education and success, the impact of customer education on retention rates, and the challenges and opportunities in implementing customer education.

About the Show

CELab is the Customer Education Lab for Innovative Customer Success, Enablement, and Marketing Teams. Our mission is to explore how to build Customer Education programs, experiment with new approaches, and exterminate the myths and bad advice that stop growth dead in its tracks.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • National Book Lover’s Day!
  • Customer education and industry leaders
  • Creative ways to solve customer problems and enhance experiences
  • Digital customer success and its benefits
  • Customer success teams and their collaboration
  • The role of blended online communities in enhancing customer relationships
  • The new book ‘Customer Communities’
  • How customer education can increase NPS scores and retention rates
  • Challenges and opportunities in implementing customer education
  • Building effective customer education programs
  • How customer education, success, and communities interconnect to help customers
  • Success metrics of time to first value and the orchestration of customer education, success, and communities.
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Book: Customer Communities

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