We like to say that Customer Education is the Scale Engine of Customer Success, but the reality is that many CS teams put little attention on Education. In this episode of CELab, Donna Weber shares her thoughts on how Customer Education can make an incredible impact on your customers. Listen in to learn how you can take the next steps to building scalable education programs – and why it matters to your bottom line!

In this episode we talk about how you, as a Customer Education professional, can and should collaborate with others. It could be your L&D team, Sales or Customer Success Enablement, or even training professionals like you at other companies!

In this episode we take a question from the Customer Education Slack Channel. What is the best way to deliver different modules and content for a program? Do you focus on video lectures with “talking heads”? Do we use slides, screencasts, or something else entirely? Join us as we share some experiences

What does it take to start over as a Customer Education leader? Not necessarily for those in their first role in Customer Education like we often focus on in this podcast, but what should you be thinking about if you leave your successful Customer Education team to start or lead another? It takes a balance of leaning on your previous accomplishments and expertise with listening to your business and innovating.

“Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy”, the audio clip for which we mention, is an amazing game and you should play it! You can find out how through the author’s website.

With this episode, we again take a break from our normal format to bring you the second of a two-part presentation that was given at the Bay Area Customer Education Meetup on January 31st, 2019.  

Here, join Isabel Swartz as she talks about Data Driven Decision Making for Customer Education Leaders … like her!

Today we step aside from our normal format to bring you the first of a two-part presentation that was given at the Bay Area Customer Education Meetup on January 31st, 2019.

A special thanks to Adam for organizing this event and to Christy Hollingshead of Heap for making this event possible.

If you’d like to see the visuals being talked about in this presentation, check them out on our CELab YouTube Channel here.

What trends are we seeing in the field of Customer Education?  Join us as we chat with Linda Schwaber-Cohen from Skilljar. We talk starting with scale, federated search, free vs paid training, and measuring the value of training (with data!).  

This episode is part 3 of our informal trilogy about instructional design in customer education. What does it take to become a great instructional designer or content developer in Customer Education. How can you succeed in the role if you’re transitioning from another career? We’ll tackle these questions and more, so listen in!

In this episode we talk with Bill Cushard – Host of “Helping Sells Radio” and Director of Marketing at ServiceRocket – for our first ever CELab interview!
How do you help your customer buy from you?  A lot of times we don’t help our customers … we just try to sell to them. 

In this episode, Bill explains how helping your customers, particularly through education, really sells.  We talk about Agile approaches to Marketing – and that includes using Agile Sprints to develop Educational content, building your 5-year roadmap for education, and much, much more!

In this episode we discuss a few failed hypotheses around content development. These are things we’ve been asked to do, and we’ve all certainly tried in our careers, but they just don’t lead to effective learning. Tune in to hear more!